The Abene Empire

Once a powerful force on the continent of Quatris, it was taken down by the Great Coalition of Powers thirty years ago. Historically, the Abene ruled much of the continent and fuelled its economy and growth through warfare and the seizure of slaves. Its rule was quite harsh and it punished any dissidence with torture and death.

While the Empire has since lost its stranglehold on the continent, it has not crumbled completely. While much reduced in size, it still holds a strong position of power at the centre of Quatris. It is mostly kept in check through the combined efforts of the Great Coalition. Much of the Abene’s focus is on international intrigue. It attempts to fuel discontent and distrust amongst the Great Coalition members. If any member could be forced to make a move against the other, Abene would be in a perfect position to re-conquer its lost territories and once again assert its dominance in the world.

Economically, the Abene are no longer as wealthy as they once were. After their defeat in the Coalition War, the Abene completely lost access to the sea and one of their richest provinces: Durez. For the past thirty years, the Abenese economy has been stagnant. The Abene have been forced to become completely self-reliant as their borders have been shut to all trade and travel. Not surprisingly, this has led to large smuggling rings.

With no access to the sea, the Abene have found it nearly impossible to maintain a sizeable navy. As a result, their efforts mostly focus on maintaining a modern land force. Despite having a lousy economy, the Abene have continued funding the army at pre-war levels. Abene currently has the single largest army in the world, thanks in part to a large conscription drive; this has seen as many as 30 per cent of the Abenese population a member or former member of the military. In a time of war, a large portion of the population can be mobilised and require very little training.

The Abene Empire

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