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A Pirates Life For Me: The Rules

This game is a low-magic setting. It takes place in an era similar to the Golden Age of Piracy on Earth. With the technology and dress of 1790s Europe.

For the purposes of this campaign, all players are restricted from any class based around high magic: no wizards, clerics, paladins, druids, etc. Players are encouraged to choose pirate-related classes. That being said, privateer vessels could be very diverse places; crews could come to the table with a wide range of skills. In choosing your class keep in mind that this campaign will be focused on sailing to various ports and, depending on player choice, could involve sea battles. Choose wisely.

When working on your back story I encourage the players to work together and create stories that tie them to each other. This is not a requirement but I will not create contrived reasons for a player to interact or partner with each other. I expect a back story to have something relevant to do with being on-board a privateering vessel. Whether your character is there as a means of seeing the world, getting rich, or in the hopes of finding a missing friend or loved one, I leave to you to decide.

The low-magic does not mean magic does not exist. The spirit of the campaign is that magic is not common. Much of the “magic” in the world could theoretically be explained away by coincidence or superstition.

This campaign will start in the Free City of Durez but players can be from anywhere on the continent of Quatris.


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